About Eden Shelties

Welcome to Eden Shelties.  I am Lee Patrick and my husband of 52 years is Ken.  We don’t have a kennel—all our shelties are housedogs.  I saw my first sheltie in 1995.  I bought my first sheltie that fall.  Her name was Lillibelle.  She was all of thirteen inches.

When she was six months old in Dec. 1995 I entered her in “our” first dog show in Biloxi.  We had a wonderful time.  I had no idea what a dog show was but Lillibelle loved it and so did I!  So that’s how Eden Shelties began.  It has been a very exciting time with ups and downs as with anything in life.  Ken is not interested in attending dog shows but without his help and support, I would not be able to enjoy going like I do!    I am a member of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association, the Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Alabama, and the Mobile Kennel Club.  I hope you enjoy seeing our shelties!

This is our backyard, where the Eden Shelties play.

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